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Stock portfolio management

Functional features

  • Operation of "stocks" accounting for each portfolio:

Management of stocks: shares, convertible obligations, obligations quoted excluding accrued interest, rights, SICAV, FCP, TCN, etc. in euros or in foreign currency

Movement of shares (purchases, sales, repurchases)

Operations on shares (dividends, subcription, attribution, conversion, exchange, split, etc.)

Management of the history of these operations (FIFO, PRMP)

Manual or automatic acquisition of the exchange rates (monitoring the rates’ progression, assessment of portfolios, calculation of latent values (added or subtracted), etc.)

Calculation of the shares maturity, sensitivity and duration

Predictive calculation of income (coupons, interest, unmatured owings, etc.) and refunding of loans..

  • Conduct of "cash" accounting for each portfolio:

Automatic entry posting associated to each operation (capital, expenses, taxes, added or subtracted values, income, tax credit, etc.)

Manual entry of OD postings

Publication of the balance, of the ledger and of the accounting journals

Publication of the fiscal income of the portfolio

Calculation of the accounting and fiscal provisions for depreciation

Transfer of data to other systems.

  • Special developments are also handled on request for functions integrated with Porticea: interfaces with other packages, forecasts, simulations, special reporting, etc.