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GPTo (telecommunications)


The GPTo (Gestion des Produits des Télécommunications - telecommunications product management) software package is designed to manage the customers and products of small-sized telecommunications operators (up to 100,000 subscribers per billing center). It manages the various products and services offered by these operators to their customers (fixed telephones, mobile telephones, telex, leased lines, Internet, data transmission, radio frequency, radio paging, etc.) as well as relations with other operators (interconnection, international traffic shares, roaming, etc.).

  • GPTo is an end-to-end customer care and billing solution, covering the technical aspects, the commercial function, the billing, the revenue, and the accounting areas. It is based on a "work-flow" message exchange system linking the demands of the customers, the agents of the operator and its switching equipment. The program ensures that each "question" message receives a "response" message. The task chaining scripts are programmed according to the working procedures wanted by the operator.
  • GPTo is based on integration of the operational side and the accounting business. This means that any event is automatically translated into a double-entry posting. Integration with the operational side guarantees the exhaustiveness of the accounting process. The accounting logic makes the operational side more reliable.
  • GPTo is inserted into the environment of the operator. The operations on the lines can be executed in real time by automatic control systems inserted into the work-flow and conversing with the prepayment switches or platforms. The call reports can be collected as they happen in order to ascertain the consumption of the subscribers at any time. Interfaces are provided to general accounting, the banks, the clearing houses for roaming, the interconnected operators, etc.
  • GPTo handles all of the products sold by the operator: fixed or cellular telephony, telex, leased lines, data transmission, radio pagiong, Internet, scratch cards, supplies, equipment, etc. Billing, like recovery, can be effected in a convergent manner (all the products together) or product by product. GPTo simultaneously handles the subscribers on postpayment and those on prepayment.
  • GPTo interfaces with the prepayment platforms: activation, de-activation, recharging of the accounts, collection of the CRAs, unblocking of the SIM cards (PUK code), and this affords good security for the system, in comparison with the functions proposed by the consoles of the platforms. It is possible to edit the details of the consumption and recharging of a customer, to perform the accounting of the prepayment operations and to provide the customers with means other than the scratch card for recharging their accounts: window payments, conditional automatic transfers, periodic recharging by a company of the prepaid subscriptions (fixed or mobile) of its staff, etc.