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GPTo (telecommunications)

Accounting and Financial management

GPTo includes a veritable auxiliary customer accounting system, fully integrated into the operational management system. It can be used for the accounting of products and of payment receipts in accordance with the basic principles of accounting (double entry, reconciliation, chronological order, accounting period, no modification of posting, etc.), the keeping of reliable and up to date customer accounts, management of cash flow (up to bank reconciliation so as to ensure that the variation in the customer accounts is equal to the variation in the cash flow), justification of the collective accounts in general accounting, and management of the information necessary for recovery operations (old balances).

  • GPTo handles guarantee deposit accounts, customer accounts, charging accounts ("invoiced charges", "paid-in charges"), accounts of the window staff, link accounts to general accounting, bank accounts (specialised receipt), cash-desk accounts, product accounts (structures concerning product/service/region/customer category /charging code).
  • Payment receipts are handled in GPTo both as cash flow movements (cheque, transfer, automatic direct debit, payment in cash, etc.), which start at the windows and follow the "paid into bank" and " bank reconciliation" cycle and as a bill auditing exercise.
  • The paying-in function effects reconciliation of the payments with all the types of invoices or debit movements: periodic and intermediate invoices, installation charges, transfer charges, suspension or restoration charges, consumption paid in cash (phone boxes, faxes, telegrams, etc.), expiry of moratoria , guarantee deposits, contentious receivables, invoices prior to computerisation, etc. Reconciliation of the payments with the invoices is effected on entry of the payments, by automatic pointing or selection.
  • The cash desks and windows are handled in accordance with the fee principle. Opening and closure with management of the floats, attribution of errors to the accounts of the agents. Payment receipts are paid into the bank automatically after closure of the windows. Bank reconciliation can be used to compare the accounting with the situation in the bank.