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GPTo (telecommunications)

Credit control / Prepayment

  • Recovery operations

GPTo employs recovery methods which store all the conditions that enable it to select the lines for a given recovery operation (the number of unpaid bills, the percentage of unpaid or the minimum debit level, application of the principle of line solidarity, etc.). At the request for an application to a period and a group of customers, GPTo produces a list of lines for which the account situation is in accordance with the criteria of the method. This list can be pruned and extended. When validated, it is transformed into messages for execution: reminder letters, letters of notice, limitation of service (roaming, international, national, any outgoing call, any call), termination, etc. When a customer settles the overdue invoices of a suspended line at a window, then under certain conditions which depend on the management rules of the operator (payment of a penalty for suspension, etc.), GPTo generates a message for line restoration, immediately or after validation.

  • Threshold monitoring

The monitoring of the consumption of the subscribers can be done either on a request from a subscriber, who wishes to control his bill, or automatically by the operator in order to prevent fraud or to oversee the categories of risky customers. Threshold monitoring together with payment in advance work as a prepayment system. GPTo can handle a link with auxiliary customer accounting so that authorization of customer consumption depends on the level of the balance of his account.

  • Prepayment platform management

This module can be used to handle the subscribers on prepayment just like other subscribers, and therefore to benefit from the general functions of GPTo (order taking, automatic activation/de-activation, management of the customers, billing, accounting for products and prepayments, etc.). The customers can recharge their accounts as well as by scratch card than by payments registered in GPTo (payments at a window, direct automatic debit, etc.). The "grouped payment management" function can be used to offer customers who have an important number of lines (companies, authorities, the operator itself) a system to monitor the consumption on the lines at their cost. This function can be used to automatically generate credits on prepaid lines. As an example, a company can generate permanent monthly recharges for the lines of its employees.