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GPTo (telecommunications)


The “GPTo Business Intelligence” module has been built with BusinessObjects Enterprise™ software products in order to enable operators to track, understand, and manage enterprise performance.

This module transforms the main data controlled by GPTo into “business objects”, easily understandable and usable by the operator’s staff. Horus designed various “business areas” covering all the domains managed by GPTo: commercial, production, billing, credit control, technical, finance… detailed by product category: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, Internet …

For each of these areas, BusinessObjects Enterprise features:

  • An Enterprise information query and analysis tool. BusinessObjects Web Intelligence™ delivers a unique, single Web environment framework for both querying and analyzing information.
    • With powerful query features, users can ask spontaneous and iterative business questions of the Operator's data - with minimal knowledge of the underlying data sources and structures. The intuitive graphical interface of Web Intelligence makes it really easy for a wide range of users - from experienced data analysts to mainstream business users - to easily understand, explore and interact with trusted information.
    • Web Intelligence is also perfect for analyzing data. Reports layout is made easy yet powerful. It allows the end-user to build content-rich reports in minutes. Typical Web Intelligence interactive usage includes :

ØBasic cell formatting (fonts, colors, background, borders)

ØAdvance table and chart formatting (e.g. relative positioning, chart axis control, pivot tables, conditional formatting)

ØIn-line table, chart, and cell resizing

Ø  Edit cell formulas in-place

Ø  Drilling into information

Ø  Etc…

  • Report scheduling tools. BusinessObjects Enterprise allows the relevant reports not only to be fetched on demand, but also to be scheduled and automated. For example, long calculations can be scheduled every night to get fresh reports already available the morning after. Scheduling can be easily configured through the web interface by any end-user with sufficient access rights.
  • Tools for diffusion of information inside and outside the company. BusinessObjects Enterprise offers the ability to share decision-making data in familiar formats such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF. It also allows reports to be integrated automatically into a corporate portal or an extranet or even to be sent by email. Combined with the report scheduling features this feature becomes really interesting and time-saving for the operator. For example, enterprise critical reports can be automatically sent each morning by email to decision makers.
  • The GPTo Business Intelligence Module comes with a standard set of reports designed according to GPTo’s features and usual performance objectives of telecom operators.

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