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Studies, Diagnosis, Consulting

Organization and information system blueprint and planning

  • Support to the description of the commercial offer of Malitel (GSM network in Mali), and to the configuration and testing of the CCBS (Customer Care and Billing System) 1343NT offer from Alcatel.
  • Support to change the numbering scheme of Sotelma in Mali - study of the adaptation of the computing and billing management system, the change procedures and the communication plan.
  • Search for a value-added services solution (Prepaid, Voice mail, IVR, SMS) and CCBS for Libertis in Gabon: Requirements, tender bid analysis, inspections of the TOGO Cellular operators and Voxtel in Moldavia.
  • Acceptance of the CCBS software for the GSM operator in SUDAN (Mobitel): EPPIX/Chameleon (Computer Answers). Help with the organisation and design of procedures for the commercial, financial and accounting functions.
  • Design and installation of the security procedures of the information system for the “Société Camerounaise de Mobiles” (CCBS Eppix de CAIL and Chameleon System Accounting): commercial management, billing, recovery, and cash flow.
  • Organisation and information master plan of ENERCA (production and distribution of electricity) in RCA.
  • Reorganisation of accounting, writing and implementation of accounting and audit procedures for the network of “Caisses du Crédit Agricole Mutuel” (savings bank) in Benin.
  • Study for the computerisation of the Posts and Financial Services in Benin: Postal Cheque Centre, National Savings Bank, “Centre de Contrôle des Mandats”, “Centre de Contrôle des Bureaux”.