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Horus Systèmes d’Information centres its activity on providing support to companies for the improvement of their management systems.

Horus proposes a global approach: Knowledge of companies’ business, consultancy in the strategy of implementing management methods and tools, choice of solutions, implementation, support to put systems into production, introduction of procedures, training, maintenance, etc.

In order to be effective, Horus has limited itself to a few business areas, in which it has invested and on which it possesses in-depth knowledge:

  • The small and medium-sized telecommunications operators, offering various services (fixed, mobile, Internet, etc.), for which Horus has developed the integrated software package GPTo.
  • The back-offices of banks or large companies for the fiscal and accounting control of their own account stock exchange portfolios, for which Horus has developed the PORTICEA package.
  • The field services of survey institutes for the management of street polls (sampling) and pollsters, for which Horus has developed the GTIS package.
  • The microfinance institutions for which a global service offer has been created, in collaboration with the teams of Horus Development Finance, based on its knowledge of the different packages of the market.